Pedro Neves

Micaela Fonseca

Filipe Luz

Phil Lopes

Pedro M. A. Fernandes

Inês Nunes

Conceição Costa

Jorge Oliveira

Leonor Costa

José Carlos Neves

Cláudia Quaresma

Fábio Sousa Dias

Patrícia Viegas

Pedro Gamito

Pedro Rodrigues

Research Collaborators

Susana Pestana

Filipe Pinto

Andreia Sousa

Marta Ferreira

PlayersAll: Media Agency and Empowerment
This project was funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology — FCT (Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education), under grant UIDB/05380/2020 and exploratory project grant EXPL/COM-OUT/0882/2021.